About Me


Me with a recurve bow

Hi there! My name is Zhong sounds like “June” and I was born in a village in the province of FuJian, China. no, I don’t know Kung Fu. If you are perceptive you can tell that I am an archery fan. Easier when on foot than on horseback. I grew up with Chinese stereotypical views aye, I’m ok with math. reverberating in my ears from many American friends. More than a boat load of stereotypes, not people  to be shipped back to China to be busted. What is the most effective way of presenting the true image of China no,  unlike the photos your friends or heavily biased media showed, shoved at you, respectively, other than having you virtually there to experience it? For instance, an off-the-beaten-ox-path village, where much of the culture has been preserved. That’s why I’m launching a kickstarter project. Sure, some local foods thin wonton soup with insanely rich waves of aftertastes will be out of your spoon’s reach, but you can explore this village in your own way! perhaps chatting up with a local villager about his day through my live translation!


Not these massively extravagant scenes please go to a reputable tour company for these (I bet those are what tour companies and study abroad websites would love to have you believe)

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 10.44.17 PM


But it’ll be about these undistorted scenes (rest assured they are good quality photos, NEVER photoshopped):

Rural China:


 A villager wearing a kasa hat | A typical banquet celebrating a recent marriage |    A village Buddhist Temple  | A village farmer |An ancient house|Jasmine buds, a commercial crop| Youtiao (fried bread sticks)| Another villager  |A stone mill (traditional milling)|Fixing an old bike

Urban China:


 Chinese bacon on sale|Fishes processed here |A construction site, bamboo scaffolding | A man pushing a garbage cart (his story?)|A Bodhisattva statue|Residential Transformers| Taxi motorcycle, zip around agilely  |An older bike w/ self-lock| Ramen, ramen, and more ramen!


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