Deluxe “Legal Seafood”


Story of “Deluxe” “Legal Seafood”

Deluxe legal seafood

This restaurant by the gazebo was staffed by a family that lived a rather humble lifestyle in a house next door. Several times I hiked up the mountain to the Buddhist temple, and from the hill side I saw their humble house, which was not within easy sight from the main road. Therefore, the disproportionate “deluxe-ness” of the restaurant was nothing more than a facade, playing up to the restaurant standards of nearby towns, as it generally received patronage from “temple goers” from nearby towns.

It served mostly seafood dishes. Similar to restaurants in nearby small cities, it presented live crabs, clams and various shell fish in styrofoam containers. Perhaps they had live fish in the similar fashion too. The orders were prepared from these in the kitchen, instead of from their frozen state. So in many ways, it beats the legal seafood in my book. Their giant mussels were as large as fists and were reasonably priced by the local standard.


Can’t find giant mussels images, but how about regular mussels?


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