Firecracker Shop


Story of Firecracker Shop

Firecracker Shop

From this shop one can record the weddings and other holidays celebrated in this village, since these are occasions for firecrackers. Unlike those elsewhere, firecrackers in China are almost always coated in red papers. The standard for firecrackers hasn’t changed for centuries, as many firecrackers are packaged in two columns, with two spiral main fuses joining together individual fuses. Once the main fuses are lit, all firecrackers chain react.


Firecrackers, always packaged in red, a color of celebration

The obvious customers visiting the shop are adults celebrating the upcoming events in holiday spirit. This didn’t deter me from buying matchbox-sized firecrackers or bottle rockets from them. The firecrackers could explode upon impact, and the bottle rockets were even cooler! I once lit them in a PVC tube that sat on my shoulder, and was able to launch them like bazookas! If the rocket embeds itself in styrofoam upon launching, the styrofoam should explode to pieces. Theoretically. Oh childhood dreams… 🙂


A Bottle Rocket Variety


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