Story of Gazebo


The gazebo was newly built comparing to the most parts of the village, probably 10 years ago. Although it appeared rather archaic afar, a closer inspection of its smooth-finish stone tablets revealed its origin to be one of the stone sculpture suppliers nearby. I highly suspect its primary function is to appeal to the eyes of “temple-goers” from nearby towns, since its architecture is inordinately ornate comparing to typical village houses. Plus, its construction was at the same as the new road to the Buddhist temple, causing the “temple-goers” completely bypassing the village itself.


A similar gazebo (not the same one)

This leaves much of the village undisturbed by the outside. Confronted by a newly fashioned gazebo with a fancy restaurant nearby on the way to the Buddhist temple, these “temple-goers” enjoyed a prosperous scenery, which didn’t reflect the image of a humble village.


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