Grandparent’s House (Maternal)


Story of Grandparents’ House (Maternal)

Grandparents' House M

My maternal grandparents lived in a house simply built out of cement. It’s a two-story house with five bedrooms and one stove room.

Mom turned her bedroom in this house to a workplace when making clothes for locals. My older brother, being her first born, was tied to a bamboo chair in the front yard when everyone in the household was busying with chores and work. It was the only viable option of not getting him lost. Dad was out selling tofu and a carpenter at that time, and later into small business. On special occasions, mom had the time of tending us. At moments like these, brother was released from the bamboo chair. We all took siesta on her ground mattress in the dark corner of her humble bedroom, after a rare treat of “Mandarin Duck Popsicles * ” from a local street vendor.

yuan yang

A Pair of Mandarin Ducks (Males Are of Extravagant Colors)

* Mandarin ducks are known by locals as a symbol of perfect union, let it be of marriage of brother/sister bonds. A “Mandarin Duck Popsicle” derived the name from its shape: two popsicles joined together & meant to be shared by two special ones. I’m not sure if mom bought it as the snack because of its meaning, or because it was sold at two-popsicles-for-one bargain price. Mom always left the “Mandarin Duck Popsicles” to my brother and me, as a reward for taking siesta.

No animal byproducts were used in the “Mandarin Duck Popsicles!”


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