How does it work?

How does it work (Explore):


As I explore China, I’ll wear a camcorder on my head, delivering first-person-perspective footage to you (e.g. to you in the U.S.) in real time. Because you see the first-person-perspective video, it’s as if you’re in China yourself, see China w/ your own eyes.
You can ask any questions you may have (e.g. how does the day-to-day life of a Chinese look like? How is this traditional dish made? Which way to the prawn market?) , and I’ll answer them in real time.
All these will take place in a rural Chinese village in Fuzhou Province (my birthplace, see village map below), where traditional ways of living have remained intact!

How does it work (Chat):

Concept Talk3 make edited

To boot, you can also chat with local Chinese people without language barrier! So…

Want to find out more about China yourself? Ask away!

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“Hey, see China with your own eyes!”

Tell a friend, as it really helps my upcoming kickstarter project!


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