Beef Slip Soup


Story of Beef Slip Soup

Beef Soup or Thin Wonton

This is a standard “delicacy” of my childhood. For ¥1 for a mug, it was bought only at occasions from this street vendor. Comparing to the Thin Wonton soup, which cost only ¥0.5 per mug, This Beef Slip Soup was a considerable gourmet choice at that time. I was freely abe to bring a mug to her, watching her skillfully fill it up with a metal ladle. As a child, I had no idea how the beef slip was made. Despite curiously inquiring “special grandma” about the recipe, I was always too absorbed in the soup itself to take any mental note of it. 🙂


Beef Slip Soup (Yep, it’s slippery!)

The recipe was made apparent to me only after some web search, when I was well into the adulthood. Despite the making of beef slip was revealed to me on the web, the recipe for this mystery beef slip was obscure, and I was unable to duplicate the exact flavor, which was of deep beef and scallion taste, with a sour, sesame oil twist.


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