Thin Wonton Soup


Story of Thin Wonton (Soup)


Thin Wonton Soup (“Flavor Waves”)

This is the most magic dish! The ingredients are simple items, which consisted of nothing more than vinegar, scallion, sesame oil plus a few other bottles of sauces. But to duplicate this thin wonton soup’s flavor in one’s kitchen isn’t an easy task indeed:

Upon drinking the soup, one immediately senses a scallion flavor, followed by a slight sourness, then a peppery sensation from white pepper powder proceeds. As these flavors recede in the mouth, the distinct appetizing flavor of sesame flavor becomes apparent, shortly after tasting the thin wontons themselves. The soup was always served hot to boot. It consists of waves of flavors, all sensed at different times. This requires utmost skills to accomplish, as any imbalance of spices will render a particular flavor over-dominant, losing the magic effect of “flavor waves.”

Since the age of eight I’ve not tasted anything close to resembling such magical “flavor waves”.


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