Rural China Information


To explore this traditional Chinese village, click on a region of the map below that interests you:

Jasmine Buds Buddhist Temple Laundry by Mountain Creek Gazebo Deluxe “legal seafood” Schools which I never attended Schools which I never attended Stone Mill Good Neighbor Well An Anonymous Shrine Grandparents' House “Special Grandma's” House Shoe Repairman Village Hall Narrow Alley Grandparents’ House (Maternal) “Silver Officer's” Poker Friends West Arch Gate Chinese Bacon Street Vendor Firecracker Shop What would you like, Beef Soup or Thin Wonton? A Rusty Tractor Best and Only restaurant Indoor Pool Table Bubble Tea? Market (Seafood & Vegetables) Market (Meat & Grain) Soymilk & Oil Sticks Barber East Arch Gate Aunt’s Convenience Store Street Shrine Toy Stores Outdoor Pool Table Hardware Store Inner Farmland A Tiny Family House Shop Outer Farmland The Village is located at the Red Spot! Image Map

Map of a Chinese Village (My birthplace)

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